BTS Goes Back to School
BTSALP Goes Back to School
September 8, 2016
Why Is Arts Education Important?
Why Is Arts Education Important?
September 22, 2016

Drums Alive!

Drums Alive! at BYU Arts Express

BYU Arts Express featured Carrie Ekins and her Drums Alive program for students as part of their summer 2016 workshop for classroom teachers and specialists.

The Drum Beat Chemnitz Drumming Research Project with Drums Alive

Drummer-150x150In 2010 Drums Alive® took part in a scientific study THE DRUM BEAT Chemnitz Drumming Project a worldwide, unique research project that was created to answer scientific questions as well as derive and evaluate social and medical measures using the characteristics of drumming and movement. The Drum Beat was inspired by a research project of the University of Gloucestershire and University of Chichester, titled the “Clem Burke Drumming Project” where for the first time worldwide investigations on the physical demands of drumming/percussion

were established. The Chemnitz University of Technology [CUT] was invited to participate in this collaborative research thus extending the research focus by using cognitive parameters alongside many others.

The Drum Beat strives to investigate the broader application of drumming, movement and exercise with an interdisciplinary team of scientists, musicians, teachers, physicians, therapists and communal authorities. The teams are working towards establishing interventions and structures to provide positive effects using the common language of drumming and movement. Drums Alive®, the first fitness trend that combines drumming and movement through a multi-modular approach was identified as one of the key interventions of study for its practicality and holistic approach. The Drum Beat is investigating and applying all aspects of drumming in one inter-disciplinary project to benefit of society in the context of physical and mental health, social challenges, inter- cultural aspects, music and education

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