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November 25, 2018
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Specialist Spotlight: Britt Black

Britt Black, BTSALP Visual Art Specialist at Philo T. Farnsworth Elementary and Gerald L. Wright Elementary was featured on the Murray City website. Read all about Britt and her connection to Murray City below. 

Britt loved to doodle and imagine all kinds of creative ideas when she was young but never paid much attention to art. While attending Hillcrest Jr. High, she was required to take an Art class from Mr. Kline. Although reluctant, she eventually decided to give her assignments a real try.

It was not until her older sister, Meghan, encouraged her to take Mr. White’s Drawing 1 elective class at Murray High, that she realized art was her niche. As she continued to learn more in Mr. White’s class, she would often tell her parents of her desire to be a professional artist. She grasped how to refine portrait drawings and sampled painting with oils for the first time. With Mr. White’s encouragement, she participated in an Art show for the first time. Following her passion, she continued taking art classes, including an AP art class from Mr. Moffet, who also offered her much support.

As she neared her senior graduation, Mr. White pulled her aside and said, “Brittany, I want you to know that art sometimes doesn’t click with everyone, but it does with you, so keep doing it.” Those words caused her to believe she was an artist and helped her stay the course at times she doubted herself.

After graduating from Salt Lake Community College, Britt was uncertain of her plans. She acquired a job as a paraeducator for an elementary school. As she assisted kids in reading and writing, teachers often solicited her aid in teaching art classes to their students. With a taste for teaching art, Britt returned to school at the University of Utah, taking education and art courses. However, once she attended the art classes, she terminated the education courses and focused on art full time. After four years she graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree. During her time at the university, she learned from several amazing professors and artists, including John Erickson, Sam Wilson, Alison Denyer, Tom Hoffman, John O’Connell, and Kim Martinez. 

Britt continued learning, participating in many printmaking classes and additional education classes. Eventually, she became acquainted with the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program (BTSALP), where she began working as a paraeducator once again at the same elementary school. Another educator, Linda Williams, explained the Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL), where Brit could obtain a teaching license. That year she taught art five times a week to all the grades in a rotation as a para. As a result of her hard work and talents, Principal Joan Bramble offered her the BTSALP position. Now she has now been teaching in the BTSALP since 2016 and is close to achieving her teaching license through the ARL program.

“Art is what got me through it all, art and all the people who helped me along the way. It’s also incredibly validating to know that art is, what will get me to my future” 

Britt Black

Visit Murray City’s website to read the rest of the article,  “Connecting Lives on Canvas.”

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  1. Chalese says:

    Britt is an amazing teacher, a gifted artist, a real asset to the children she teaches and the BTSALP.

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