Rediscovering Signs
January 27, 2020
BTSALP 2020 Legislative Luncheon
February 13, 2020

Better Days 2020

One hundred and fifty years ago, on February 12, 1870, the Utah Territorial Legislature passed a women’s suffrage bill that allowed female citizens to vote under the same laws as the men. Join Better Days 2020, Utah Department of Heritage and Arts, and Utah Cultural Alliance at the Utah State Capitol to commemorate and celebrate this important anniversary and our Utah HERitage of women who continued to fight for representation and improve their communities.

Social and political change is often long and difficult and involves many different women and men working together – and sometimes against each other. The year 2020 marks the 150th anniversary of Utah women being the first in the nation to vote under an equal suffrage law. Learn MORE, A LOT MORE at Better Days 2020.

Sample activity using resources found on Better Days 2020 website.

BTSALP Professional Development Partner, Kerri Hopkins, presented a Workshop inspired by the sacrifice and hard work of Utah Women – past and present. Click here to download The Utah & National Women’s Suffrage Stories PDF Presentation

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