Africa Project – Part 1
May 29, 2020

Africa Project – Part 2

as told by our favorite Art Coach, Bruce Hucko

The Performance

This really needs to be experienced in person. We have a video and it’s wonderful, but it’s just not the same as having been there in Ms. Sheila’s music room, which had been converted, quite simply, easily and indeed, magically, into a hybrid theatrical performance space and African ceremonial plaza laying deep in the jungle.

The background was hung.

Stage sides were set.

Drums, Xylophones and other instruments were placed.

Characters held their dance masks.

Introductions were made.

Everyone took their place.

Actors, parents, and audience held their breath.

Boom. . . Boom!


By Olivia Jackman

All: Eons ago, a lion roamed the grounds. She was a little lion and a fat one too.  She was slow.

Lion: Everybody makes fun of me! I don’t like it.

Falcon: Are you okay lion?

Lion: Yeah, I’m just so fat.

Zebra: Haha, hee hee. I need to show hyena this. He’ll love a fat lion for lunch.

Lion: What?

Zebra: You know what I said.

Snake: Ooh, I want to eat that fat lion.

Lion: Oh, please don’t eat me. I’m stiff and gross. Please!

Falcon: I ask what is going on?

Snake: Well, you see, lion tried to eat zebra.

Lion: What? You lied.

Falcon: Is this true lion?

Snake: If you say no, I’ll eat you.

Lion: Maybe? Yes.

Falcon: Okay.

Lion: Phew, they did not eat me.

Hyena: Did someone say fat lion?

Lion: What? Please no.

Hyena: I will eat you, Hahahaha.

Lion: Phew, I got out of that, but I wonder if there’s a way to lose weight?

Hyena: Okay, if we eat him, we’ll have food for months.

Others: Yeah, let’s eat him! Yeah, let’s eat him! Yeah, let’s eat him! Let’s eat  that fat lion.

Zebra: Wait! If I’m an herbivore, why am I helping? Wait a minute, you wanted to eat me too!

Lion: What are you doing here, zebra?

Zebra: They lied to me! Since you lost your family, you can join my herd.

All: Lion joined Zebra’s herd. Sometime later, he noticed some things.

Lion: I never thought joining your herd would mean eating grass, but it’s kinda good. Wait a minute, I’ve been losing weight. And, and…is that grass growing out of my neck? Cool! I will call it a mane!

All: And now you know how lion got her mane.

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  1. Bruce Hucko says:

    Hey Trish! Thanks for the nice 2-part showing/sharing. I’m looking forward to creating more of these kinds of projects in the coming year. We may have to figure out new ways of working together – but apart, but working together SHOULD NOT BE dropped as an idea. If ever there was a need to work together it’s now. VIewers should know that they are seeing stills of the operettas and the dances that went in between. You’ll note this is not a whole school performance. We stopped those a few years ago for several reasons. One, we had trouble getting parents and families to attend in any great numbers and STAY for the duration. Parents would come for their kids’ performance and then leave. We have parents working 2-3 jobs in our tourist town and it’s hard to get the time off. Also, we felt that a single large year-end art informance was not the way we wanted to model art in our lives. Do we just make art for one exhibit? Do we visit a museum only once? Instead, we’ve moved to grade level and single class exhibits/informances/presentations several times a year so we learn that art is a constant part of the flow of our school and our lives. Cheers!

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