Art Works for Kids Lesson Tool

Arts Integrated Lessons for your K-6 Classroom

Education is much more than just academic achievement. The classroom needs to be a place where students can learn about themselves as well as the world around them. Integrating the arts into the core curriculum is a proven strategy for helping to address all the needs of students. In elementary schools, arts-integrated learning has been shown to improve students’ social, emotional, core academic, and arts learning.
March 21, 2020

Help I’m Falling! Lesson Plan

Second and/or third grade students will dance about gravity, mass verses weight and falling objects. They will conclude by choreographing a dance that defies gravity.
March 20, 2020

Hawaiian Mythology – Music/Steam Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students will learn elements of science, technology, engineering, art, and math by composing songs on the iPads. The 12-Bar blues will serve as the format for compositions and GarageBand will be the app of choice. As an extension, students may create tableaux and apply their composition to […]
March 4, 2020

Animals & Their Habitats Lesson Plan

Second grade students will split into two groups. One group will create a habitat (desert, tide pool, jungle, savanna, forest and pond) with their bodies and props, while the other group will create the animals to move in, around and through the habitat.
March 3, 2020

Great American Portraits Lesson Plan

Students will create a gray scale painting of a famous Great American, they will learn and use start up skills, like tracing to start, and blocking in.
February 25, 2020

Goin’ On a Dino Hunt Lesson Plan

Music/movement session that asks students to act out (define) common verbs and then practice playing different verbs (walking, running, etc.) on simple percussion instruments.
February 21, 2020

Going to the Zoo: Animals, Nouns, & Verbs Lesson Plan

The song, We’re Going to the Zoo, serves as a vehicle for learning animals and their movements. In addition, it can be used to learn the difference between nouns and verbs.
February 19, 2020

Glass Mosaics Lesson Plan

Mosaics are an art form in which murals are made using tiny tiles or pieces of paper cut in geometric shapes to create a picture. Mosaics are Persian in origin and are seen today all over the world. It is an ADDITIVE MEDIUM – one piece follows another – and […]
February 19, 2020

Geometry Lesson Plan

Third grade students will dance the following basic geometric terms: line, point, line segment, ray, parallel lines, intersection, vertex and angle. They will also dance about perimeters, areas, polygons and quadrilaterals.Excerpt for main page
February 18, 2020

Fractions Lesson Plan

Fourth grade students will learn about fractions through dance improvisations and choreographic assignments.
February 18, 2020

Fossils Lesson Plan

Fossils are amazing discoveries. Many of the things we know about the past are a result of fossils. Think about the dinosaurs. We have never met a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a Triceratops and yet we know so much about them. They are relics of the past. For this project, students […]