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February 12, 2020
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February 18, 2020

“Champions Of Change” Triptychs Lesson Plan

Author: Kerri Hopkins

Year: 2020

Artform: Visual Art

Subjects: Social Studies

Grade: 5th

Duration: 2 - 3 Sessions

Overview: Integrating Visual Art and US History with a focus on Women’s Suffrage

Standards and Objectives

Combine ideas to generate an innovative idea for art-making.

Apply formal and conceptual vocabularies of art and design to view surroundings in new ways through art-making.

Identify how art is used to inform or change beliefs, values, or behaviors of an individual or society.
Students will address the causes, consequences and implications of the emergence of the United States as a world power.

Assess the impact of social and political movements in recent United States history.
Learn about the women who shaped Utah’s history.



Talk to students about women's role in US history. Ask for them to give examples of women who shaped the nation. Introduce the “Champions of Change” and highlight several Utah women who made history in the women’s suffrage movement. Ask students to identify a woman in their own life who has had a strong impact on them and those around them. After talking about the “Champions of Change” show students examples of triptychs in art history, from paintings to photography.


Each student will research women from “Champions of Change.” They should find a quote from or about that woman from history.

Students will chose a woman from their own life and write a quote about them.

Students write a statement about how they will be a champion for future change.

The quotes can also be summarized in single words that are powerful enough to summarize the impact that person has had. Students can create the 3 portraits from colored paper collage, photocopies, and/or any other materials that you want them to work with.


This lesson can be finished in 2-3 sessions of 45 minutes each. Students can work on one third of the triptych each class period. Partnering with a classroom teacher on the research portion of the project will allow for more time for the art making. The project could also be simplified to a diptych and focus on a woman from history and the student as a future “Champion of Change.”


Students can share their portraits and talk about why they chose the 2 women that they did and how they see themselves as a future “Champion of Change.”

Key women from US history, with a heavy focus on Utah, that are often left out of the history books will be the focus of this project. Students will research and write about these women and create collage art of them.
  • Who are the people you chose for your portraits and why?
  • How have they influenced your history?
  • What does it mean to be a “Champion of Change?”
Differentiation would involve the amount of detail a student put on their portraits and the type of materials they use.
  • Suffrage
  • Triptych
The year 2020 is the 150 year anniversary of the first woman casting a vote in Utah.

It is also the 100 year anniversary of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote.
Students will peer share at the end of the project.


  • 12”x18” colored paper
  • Standard size white paper
  • Assorted colored and patterned scrapbook paper
  • Magazines and/or Newspapers
  • B&W photo copies of pictures of the 3 characters for the triptych (optional)
  • Markers
  • Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks