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May 14, 2020
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Measuring Perimeter Lesson Plan

Author: Ashley Boyack

Year: 2015

Artform: Dance

Subjects: Math

Grade: 3-6

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Overview: Students will use movement to measure the perimeter of your classroom.

Standards and Objectives

Students will explore different types of locomotor movements.
Students will explore formulas for finding the perimeter of a space or shape.
Students will use locomotor movements to explore perimeter of a space and shape.



Experience / Identify:

Experience different types of locomotor movements through the space. Skip, slide, hop, jump, leap, tiptoe. Depending on the type of space being used, you may need to do this lines going across the floor.


Explore / Investigate:

We are going to explore the perimeter of our room with different kinds of measuring tools.

We will measure the perimeter in Skips, slides, gallops, stretching and foot by foot.

Gather students together and show them how many skips it takes you to move the length of the room. Then write it on the board. Now do the width side of the room. Show students how to get the perimeter.

2(L+W) or (Lx2) + (Wx2)= P or add all sides together

  • Step one: 2(6+9) or 2(6 skips + 9 skips) or 6+6+9+9=
  • Step two: (find answer) perimeter is 30 skips
  • Step three: write your answer in the graph on the board.


Now have students try to find the perimeter using their own skips. Is it the same as you or different? Explain that each person might skip a few more or a few less determined by the length of their skip.

Next try it sliding: Find the perimeter of our classroom using sliding movements, leaping movements, and foot by foot. Your class might come up with different locomotor movements they can use to find the perimeter.


Connect / Analyze:

Create a graph showing the different perimeter lengths the students found. If there are big differences in numbers try and figure out why.

If you need to measure a space and you do not have a measuring tool…be creative find other ways to figure out how to measure space!
Perimeter formulas
Use a graph for students to write their answers in. Check for understanding by having students give a thumbs up or thumbs down if the answer seems reasonable. Pare share with a partner to talk about why a number might be incorrect. Did they multiply right? Did they add right?


  • Paper and pencil
  • Drum