Art Works for Kids Lesson Tool

Arts Integrated Lessons for your K-6 Classroom

Education is much more than just academic achievement. The classroom needs to be a place where students can learn about themselves as well as the world around them. Integrating the arts into the core curriculum is a proven strategy for helping to address all the needs of students. In elementary schools, arts-integrated learning has been shown to improve students’ social, emotional, core academic, and arts learning.
January 22, 2020

Dancing Rocks and Minerals Lesson Plan

Students will explore, investigate and create the differences between mineral and rocks.
January 21, 2020

Famous Americans Lesson Plan

Integrating Visual Art and Social Studies. Investigate the significant events during America’s expansion and the roles people played.
January 13, 2020

Dancing Perimeter & Area of a Square Lesson Plan

Students will dance their way into understanding the shapes in different categories may share attributes (i.e. having four sides, corners, diagonals)
January 13, 2020

Dance A Timeline through U.S. History Lesson Plan

Social studies should be fun and intriguing for all students, and provide opportunities to make important life-long connections between the past, present, and future. Students who understand and appreciate the sacrifices that have been made in the past will be able to connect and make better decisions in their lives. Through this lesson plan, students will discover and uncover the major eras that influence the U.S. They will create a timeline that shows the relationship between social and political development through the Dance, Music and Art.
January 11, 2020

Continents Lesson Plan

Second grade students will gain an understanding of the seven continents, their relationship to each other and also basic facts about each one.
January 9, 2020

Constellations Lesson Plan

Students will create a mixed media artwork based on specific constellations found in the night sky.
January 8, 2020

Compare & Contrast Frogs & Toads Lesson Plan

Compare and contrast the characteristics of living things specifically frogs and toads through a movement exploration.
January 8, 2020

Community Dance Lesson Plan

Through dance and mapping students will identify the different people and relationships found in their community
January 7, 2020

Communities & Cubism Lesson Plan

In this lesson 3rd grade students learn about rural, suburban and urban communities by looking at cubism artwork by the artist Paul Klee. Students use basic shapes to construct their own communities. Students are asked to choose one dominant color to feature in their artwork to help create a unified pallet in their painting.
December 12, 2019

Communities Lesson Plan

Second grade students will dance about different communities such as: individuals, families, neighborhoods, cities, states, countries, continents and the world. They will learn that people have similarities and differences in the world.
December 12, 2019

Clouds Lesson Plan

Fourth grade students will dance the characteristics of three types of clouds: cumulus, stratus and cirrus. They will do this in black lights with white sheets of material.
December 10, 2019

Clayscapes Lesson Plan

Community is a focus of the 3rd grade curriculum. This includes not only people, but also physical space. There is a symbiotic relationship between people and space. Much of the space within a community existed prior to the people of the community. New spaces and structures are created by people, but these spaces house and inspire other people. For example, a school is built by the people, but within that space, children learn and grow. Even a public space like a school can be very personal. Children make deep, personal connections to many of these spaces in their community. The […]
December 10, 2019

Chemical and Physical Change Lesson Plan

Fifth grade students will dance about and understand how chemical and physical changes occur in matter. They will also understand the meaning of “weight” and “dissolve”.
December 10, 2019

Charlie Over the Ocean Lesson Plan

Students practice moving in ways that demonstrate the meanings of various prepositions while playing the singing game, “Charlie Over the Ocean.” A student favorite.
December 10, 2019

Bubbles Lesson Plan

Students explore self space and learn to respect others’ self space through the imaginative medium of “bubbles.”
December 10, 2019

Brush Your Teeth: Telling Time Lesson Plan

Students will sing Brush Your Teeth, perform the brushing rhythm, and relate the song to showing time on their individual manipulative clocks.
December 9, 2019

Multiplication Flowers Lesson Plan

Integrating Visual Art and Math. Demonstrate knowledge of multiplication facts by creating an artistic representation.
December 9, 2019

Math Art: Fractional Art Lesson Plan

Integrating Visual Art and Math. Inspired by Piet Mondrian, geometric designs are created using listening and Math skills to make an imagine in the style of Piet Mondrian using fractions. While each student will be given the same Instructions, each creation will be unique!
December 4, 2019

Aboriginal Number Lines Lesson Plan

Integrating Visual Art, Social Studies and Math. Students will create a number line inspired by aboriginal art to use in solving addition and subtraction problems on the number line.
December 2, 2019

Introducing: ME! Self Portraits Lesson Plan

Integrating Visual Art and Social Studies. Self-portrait art projects are designed to help students begin to answer the important question, “Who Am I?” Students will create their own self-portraits that say something about themselves using a variety of art materials and processes.
November 27, 2019

Brown Bear Lesson Plan

First grade students will sing and write a story using correct grammar and punctuation.
November 27, 2019

Blast Off! Lesson Plan

Third grade students will dance about the features on the moon. They will also dance the moon phases and the fact that the moon orbits the Earth approximately every 28 days.
November 26, 2019

Birch Trees Lesson Plan

Students will explore the life cycle of a birch tree connecting science, visual art techniques, and language art concepts.
November 25, 2019

Biome Blues Lesson Plan

Students use their knowledge about one of the 8 Biomes to create a song in the style of 12-bar Blues.
November 25, 2019

Beethoven’s Ninth & Dotplots Lesson Plan

The combination of a symphonic work and plotting data might not at first seem to have any relation within a lesson plan, however when one considers the importance of a simple line and its movement, the relation becomes much more clear. This lesson integrates music with math in a new and exciting way for 6th graders who are entering the world of data collection and plotting along with music appreciation.