Arts Education Works for Challenged Schools
Arts Education Works for Challenged Schools
November 16, 2015
Three Peaks Performs”The Tempest”
December 7, 2015
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Paper Circuits at Southern Utah University

Lindsay Balfour is a paper engineer and designer who explores the mechanics of paper used in pop-up design, paper craft, and sculptures. She integrates electronics in her work to showcase technology as a tool and material to enhance ideas for creative expression. As an educator and an artist, her work is an example of the intersection between fine art, physical computing and fabrication techniques.

Lindsay spent 2 days teaching and working with students and teachers in Cedar City, Utah, which is in the BTSALP Southern Utah University region. Find out about these electrifying 2 days in our newest newsletter. Click here to read the newsletter.



Trish Saccomano
Trish Saccomano
Trish is the lead Professional Development Partner for the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program - University of Utah region. She works with the visual artists and elementary school students. She is also on the faculty of the Consumer and Family Studies Department at the University of Utah.

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