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December 3, 2017
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January 29, 2018

Cache County Glass Project

What do Egyptian hieroglyphics, bus stops and colored glass have in common?  Read our latest newsletter and find out!

Cache County Glass Project

Sixth grade classes (90 students) at Canyon Elementary worked with glass artist, Carrie Trenholm and created fused glass panels inspired by ancient cultures. Students learned about West African Adrinka textile designs & symbols, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and symbols/imagery relating to cuneiform tablets.

Carrie was in the schools Monday through Thursday with an Art Show on Friday (November 27 – December 1). Utah State University Anthropology Museum director came the first day and showed work from the collection. “That was really cool!”

Students created abstract designs representing something about themselves and inspired by ancient symbols. Each student created an individual glass piece and as a group the pieces were assembled together onto a clear glass plate (6 in each group).

Altogether 5 collaborative panels were created for each class. The panels were adhered to a metal frame and installed inside the school as a legacy project.

Later this year, the panels will be photographed and reproduced as bus placards, placed inside Cache Valley Transit District (CVTD) buses.

Art in Transit Show

6th Grade Teachers: Tricia Parker, Logan Smith, Allison Tyson
Visiting Artist: Carrie Trenholm
Principal: Stacie Williams
BTSALP Art Specialist: Melanie Haslam
Cache District Arts Coordinator: Maele Shakespear
BTSALP Program Director/USU: Aurora H. Villa

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