BTSALP Students Have Been Busy!
March 25, 2018
Springtime in BTSALP Schools = Celebration of the Arts
May 21, 2018

Arts Integration at Work

You won’t believe what the BTBALP students and specialists in the Weber State University region have been up to! Click here to see excellent arts integration in action!

GreenWood Charter School

Community Mural with Second Grade
Lydia Stewart, Visual Art Specialist

The second graders at GreenWood Charter had an expedition where they painted a mural along the Ogden River Trail.

To prepare, they took a close look at the artist James Rizzi and created a rough draft of the mural on paper, which was posted in the school. They used the paper mural as a template for the design of their final product

North Ogden & Hooper Elementary Schools

Alisa Webb, Visual Arts Specialist

Landforms and a large “selfie wall”

Shadow Valley Elementary

Leslie Ireland, Drama Specialist

The 6th grade classes combined to perform “Foundations,” a musical about Ancient China, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and the Medieval Times

T.O. Smith Elementary

Cassie Burton, Drama Specialist

T.O. Smith is a new school to the BTSALP program and worked with Cassie Burton for the first half of the school year. The after school drama club performed Charlotte’s Web for the school and parents.

James Madison & Horace Mann Elementary Schools

Brent Rhodes, Visual Arts Specialist

Brent traditionally has his first grade students create portraits of the teachers using their yearbook photos. These portraits are posted in the hallway, near the teacher’s door, during parent/teacher conferences and throughout the year

Syracuse Arts Academy
Antelope Campus Charter School

Kristy Tubbs, Visual Arts Specialist

First grade students completed their Winter Cardinals by adding snow using white paint and glue and shaving cream, which created a 3D effect.

Lomond View Elementary School

Mendy Reese, Visual Arts Specialist

Students created patterns on teepees with watercolors and painted them using warm colors. The warm colors gave the illusion that there was a fire inside. Students also created landscapes using crayon resist, watercolors, and salt. The final step was adding the teepees to the landscapes.

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