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August 22, 2018
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September 5, 2018

Murray Mural Project Part 1

The Department of Art and Art History at the University of Utah, the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program (BTSALP) and Murray City have created an opportunity for University of Utah undergraduate art majors, graduate art majors, BTSALP Visual Art specialists and elementary students to collaboratively paint nine socially engaged, portable murals in  the elementary schools within the Murray City boundaries.

The murals will be unveiled by Murray youth at their annual “Murray Fun Days Parade,” July 2019. The murals will then be permanently displayed at various schools in the district. Each mural will have a theme developed collaboratively specific to the location and activities of the nine local elementary schools.

Get excited for the first installment of the … Murray Mural Project!!!

First day of class

Field Trippin’ to the Murray Museum 

Work With Kids Begins 

Drawings are scanned and the combining of drawings and ideas begins!

Coordinating Eyewear!


  1. Bruce Hucko says:

    Instead of “got milk” it’s now “got eyewear?” And I do. Does that make me a member of this fine crew? I hope so.

  2. Regina says:

    Well done,Trish!! You are magnificent!! (I have the best team partner, just sayin’) ❤️

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