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October 3, 2018
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October 11, 2018

Murray Mural Project Part 2

Work continues on the murals for elementary schools in Murray School District.  Follow along as we update this fascinating mural making process. 

Images have been gathered and now the “fun” begins . . .   

Scanning the images from the elementary students, combining them with artwork from university students, moving them around digitally and combining them with hand drawing is the next step in the process.  

And the “fun” continues . . .  

Compositions, layout, color palettes, and calligraphic line systems are finalized. Maquette drawings (a small preliminary model or sketch) are presented for input to representatives from Murray City. 

University artists travel to Murray High School, Hillcrest Jr. High, and Riverview Jr. High

The mural process is explained to Jr/Sr High school students. Examples of murals were shown and students made suggestions on designs and gave input on the color palette. 

Finally . . . PAINT!

Final maquettes are printed on smaller canvases and painting with the chosen color palette begins. When finished, these maquettes will be presented to the Murray City Council for final approval.  They will then be printed on canvases that are 4′ x 8′.  Keep watching for more of this process in the weeks to come!

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  1. Rebecca Elia says:

    What a fabulous project that involves so many talented people! I love that you have presented all of the steps in the creative process. Can’t wait for the next update.

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