All In The Family
October 21, 2019
A Day at Thunder Ridge: Part 2
November 7, 2019

Music Maker

Josh Roberts, BTSALP Music Specialist, makes musical magic on a daily basis at Blackridge Elementary School in Jordan School District. The music making starts before school and continues after school with Recorder Club and Ukulele Club.

Students eagerly get out their Orff instruments and start the class session practicing rhythm.

Rhythm, beat, teamwork, coordination and concentration all come into play with this musical activity.

Friends of Job

Oh the friends of Job are quickly passing by,

They can take, they can leave,

They can take, they can go,

They go tiga-taga tiga-tag tiga-taga toe,

They go tiga-taga tiga-tag tiga-taga toe,

Third graders take a musical trip around the world getting their passport “stamped” along the way. To finish up their South American music unit, students were treated to a video clip of Samba fire dancers of Brazil. Caution: Do NOT try this at home!

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