A Day at Thunder Ridge: Part 3
December 9, 2019
BTSALP in the News
December 13, 2019

Always On the Move

Courtni Giles, BTSALP Dance Specialist extraordinaire in Washington School District serves 8 Special Education classrooms in 8 – you heard that right – in 8 different schools! Courtni exposes the students to dance and movement as well as adaptive Physical Education activities. Courtni wants ALL students up and moving and creates positive, imaginative and magical experiences where ALL students can feel successful! She believes in helping her students create healthy and FUN lifestyles!

Courtni starts each class period with a song and a “Sports” activity. She uses props such as frisbees, beach balls, volley balls and giant balloons.

Every seven minutes she moves on to a different activity. Because Courtni understands that all children crave interaction with their social peers, she uses peer tutors – 5th and 6th graders – and trains them to work with the students in her dance classes. Courtni stresses that the peer tutors ARE the teachers. She is there to help them facilitate the peer interaction. Courtni also works with high school student interns who visit the elementary school, participate with the students and learn how to teach children.

Once everyone is warmed up it’s Brain Dance time! This gives the students a bit of a cardio workout and really gets the heart pumping!

Large motor activities, like skipping to the music from the Addams Family are next followed by creative exploration and integration. Class usually ends with a Yoga session! Teacher AND students are all SUPER HEROES!

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