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March 1, 2020
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March 25, 2020

Art Works for Kids Lesson Tool Arts Integrated Lessons for your K-6 Classroom

Education is much more than just academic achievement. The classroom needs to be a place where students can learn about themselves as well as the world around them. Integrating the arts into the core curriculum is a proven strategy for helping to address all the needs of students. In elementary schools, arts-integrated learning has been shown to improve students’ social, emotional, core academic, and arts learning.

Art Works for Kids is happy to announce the new and improved Lesson Plan Tool is up and running! Lesson plans for all grade levels, art forms and subject matter are available for your use. CHECK OUT THE SAMPLE LESSON PLAN below (PDF versions of every lesson plan are available for download.) Follow the arrows to ALL THE LESSON PLANS ON THE BTSALP WEBSITE located in the menu located above.

Calling all BTSALP Specialists: If you have a lesson plan to share with others, please send it to: and help our database grow!

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