Spike 150 Graphic Novels

As part of the sesquicentennial celebration of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, several 4th-grade classes in the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program were invited by the Spike 150 Commission to work with artist Richard Jenkins in creating graphic novels which depict scenes from the building of the railroad and the settling of the West

Auntie & Lopey Track the Transcontinental Railroad

  • Helen M. Knight Elementary School, Grand County School District
  • BTSALP Specialist: Bruce Hucko
  • 4th Grade Teacher: Charlotte Quigley

Dreamers & Schemers

  • Red Mountain Elementary School, Washington County School District
  • BTSALP Specialist: Kelly McDonald Cope
  • 4th Grade Teacher: Sherri Lords

Full Steam Forward: A Comparison of the Central & Union Pacific Railroads

  • Horace Mann Elementary School, Ogden City School District
  • BTSALP Specialist: Brent Rhodes
  • 4th Grade Teacher: Kayse Fernandes

The Iron Horse

  • Farnsworth Elementary School, Granite School District
  • BTSALP Specialist: Brittany Black
  • 4th Grade Teacher: Maria Duarte

Newspapers of the Day

  • Mountain View Elementary School, Box Elder School District
  • BTSALP Specialist: Maele Shakespear
  • 4th Grade Teachers: Keasha Curtis, Melece Francom and Sharon Cook

North & South Come Together to Connect East & West

  • Enoch Elementary School, Iron County School District
  • BTSALP Specialist: Kirsten Anderson
  • 4th Grade Teacher: Susan Braden

The Tale that Saved the Rail

  • South Summit Elementary School, South Summit School District
  • BTSALP Specialist: Kathleen Briley
  • 4th Grade Teachers: Marta Vallejo and Courtney Thomas

Where the Railroad Ends

  • Oakridge Elementary School, Granite School District
  • Art Specialist: Bob Plumb
  • 4th Grade Teacher: Carrie Wetzel